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Hi there

What's the timeframe for support for Azure Functions in Functionbeat? We're using a custom solution at the moment and would love to give Functionbeat a spin when there's something available.


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@alastairs Azure function is something we want to support in the short term, we are still in the planning phase for it.

To help us develop it, I would be interested to know what are your custom functions doing?

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Thanks @pierhugues! Our function is running .NET Core 2.1, and so we're using an extension to the popular Serilog logging library (the Elasticsearch sink) to write application events directly to our Elasticsearch cluster on Elastic Cloud. However, this means we do not see platform level logs in Elasticsearch, and instead have to view the log streams in the Azure Portal or look at Application Insights instead (where logs are shipped to by default).

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@alastairs This exactly sound something that functionbeat should solve. I've created a placeholder issue to track the effort at

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