Azure Repo settings issue in 7.0 upgrade

I'm running Elastic Stack 6.7.1 and per Kibana's 7.0 Upgrade Assistant ( Management -> 7.0 Upgrade Assistant ), I'm being told that Azure Repository settings have changed, but my config files have none of the specific entries mentioned in the documentation. Granted, this is showing up as a warning, so I'm not sure if I can proceed or not.

Advice is welcome

Could you share you settings and what the Upgrade Assistant is exactly saying?

This is all it provides

Ok. What are your settings?

I don't have anything in the elasticsearch.yml. Only things i've set are the key and account


bin/elasticsearch-keystore add azure.client.default.account
bin/elasticsearch-keystore add azure.client.default.key

Thanks. Could you open an issue in elasticsearch project?

will do.

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