Background Color on Metric visualization in Kibana 6


When using Kibana 5.6, I had some metric visualizations in which I was able to set a background color by changing the legend color, even if I only had one range, on the new version I am not able to do this anymore.

What should I use to create for example a metric visualization with background colors (like red, green, orange) with white text?

I tried using visual builder but couldn't get the same result, it is a simple query, just a metric with a count using a filter.


Unfortunately we had to roll back this because of a few bugs in how we implemented the new metric viz in 6.x. In 6.3 - if the background color is dark - the text will automatically have lighter color.

Hope that helps.


Hello, bhavyarm,

I was able to reproduce what I had with the '42 metric' visualization using the Visual Builder.

The problem was that I didn't understood how the visual builder worked, for what I saw, you need to set the Interval for your data in the 'data' field, which you don't need to do using other visualizations.

This is what I was trying to do:

The first line is using the 42 metric, which had background colors in the 5.6 version, the second line is using visual builder.

The metric viz will have the option to have a background color even if you are only using one range in the 6.3 ?

This is not going to work. Can you please raise a feature request here? Issues · elastic/kibana · GitHub


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