Kibana Background/Area conditional formating

Hello All,

I'm looking for a way to visualize status by color on my Dashboard. I have a scripted field that simply calculates the gap between my target and the actual score. The output of this calculation fits into one of two possible buckets:

from -999 to -1: Not in Target (Red)
from 0 to 999: In Target (Green)

The desired outcome visualization, would be a block of color depending on above calculation which later will be placed in the dashboard. Something like this:

(The above red block has been done using Visual Builder - Markdown with Red set as background color).

Is that something I can do within Dashboard and not Canvas?
Thank you.

It's not currently supported outside of Canvas, but there is an issue here:

You could probably put something together in Vega, but that's a beta feature, and one I'm not as familiar with as I probably should be!

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