Using conditional formatting for Kibana Visualization Data Table

I want to add conditional formatting like excel based on certain field value to color code the cells.
How i can achieve that. e.g. If field value is yes, I want green and if it is no I want in to red color.
Need urgent help.


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Since you mention cells, I'm assuming you're trying to do this for a table vis. That's not something Kibana can do, at least right now. You can kind of do this with the metric vis, but it only adjusts the color based on number ranges, not values as you're trying to do.

Canvas can do what you're looking for, though not yet in its table view. But you could show colored text, or an image, or a number of other things based on some conditional logic. It's currently in technical preview, and you can find out more about it here:

We're exploring to using the same underlying functionality that makes Canvas work in Kibana visualizations, but that's still very much a work in progress right now. So while you can't do exactly what you want today, it's something we're working on.

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