Kibana threshold based color coding

Is there a way to dynamically assign a color to, say a bar in a bar chart depending on the value that it represents? To explain further, if the bar represents the percent of questions answered, is it possible to define a conditional color coding as follows: >=95% - green, >=80% and <95% - yellow, <80% - red when setting up visualization? This seems to be available in the gauge visualization and to certain extent in the data table (through formatting). If this is not available, is there a plan to introduce this feature in the near future releases? Right now this seems to be a huge missing piece that is preventing us from using Kibana for many dashboard use cases that we have.

Also if the color coding is supported, can it be extended to scripted fields? For example:
achieved = floated - converted
achieved = 100, green
achieved < 100, red

Thanks for the help.

It's not possible at the moment, there's an open ticket here which you can add your thoughts on.

Thanks for the reply. Is there information available on whether this feature will be part of the upcoming release(s)?

There are no specific plans as far as I know, all the info would be in that ticket.

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