Backup & restore dashboard and workspace

What is the prefered way to backup a workspace and dashboard in order to edit them on another installation and copy them back to production machine.

Uptill now we're confronted with id problems and license that gets lost on the import machine.

Hi @StefanC,

The best way I can think of is scripting it using the import and export saved objects API.

Is that what you're doing at the moment? If so is there a particular error or issue on reimport that you're facing?

We're currently using saved objects. We want to achieve the following senarios:

  • exchange dashoards prepared inhouse and installed on production machine.
  • make a full safety backup of kibana dashboards/settings

In some trials we lost license and in other cases the dashboard id's were changed which is not ok since we refere to them like in an Iframe.

Which version of Kibana and Elasticsearch are you using? I'm aware there was a change in 8.x to make the IDs some some saved objects types globally unique.

Can you also share what options you are using on import? Are you making use of the check for existing objects option as discussed here?

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