Importing a Dashboard onto a Space

I have created spaces for various users but now I want to have them see existing dashboards on their respective spaces when they log in. The problem I am having is that while the spaces are letting me create a dashboard, I cannot find how to instill an already existing dashboard to each dashboard. Thank you for any guidance.

Hi @teej

There is a couple ways to accomplish this via import export or directly copying from one space to another.

Pretty good description here

if you're on an older version the direct copy may not be there so you just may need to export and import

Thanks Stephen,
That worked to some extent but when I click on the copied dashboard, I get:

Unable to update UI setting
Request failed with status code: 403


Saved object is missing
Could not locate that dashboard (id: ec20a2d0-4f41-11ea-b6be-2547e818bb23e)

So the copy breaks the connection to the data?

What Version are you on?

Also 403 indicates a permission issues, do you have the right permission where you are exporting / importing to? Did you set up any RBAC on the users, spaces etc.?

Looks like perhaps your new / destination space may not have the right permissions.

Also are you making sure you select the "Include related objects" as well?

Thank you Stephen. That clue was helpful.

Which of the clues? We are always interested plus it might help someone else out.

I'm glad you asked or else I would have misled others a bit. I double checked so i could provide you a more definitive answer and what I realized was that it wasn't actually permissions but I was apparently missing other objects that were being pointed to but not copied over. Once I copied the additional objects, the errors went away and the pages came up. Thanks for making me clarify that. It's a great community here and I want to make sure I can help keep the content as accurate as possible for others to benefit from.

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