Import Kibana saved objects to same space

Hello guys,
I am trying to import a dashboard, which was created in space a, in the space a itself. Although import is successful, the only thing that happens is the existing objects are overridden. I want a copy of such objects.
Here is a brief process I am following,

  • Export Dashboard (and related objects) in the ndjson format.
  • Change the name of index pattern, visualization and dashboard titles.
  • Import the changed ndjson file within the same space.

The above procedure does not help. Please correct me if I am following wrong procedure with right one.

My Kibana version is 7.6.2

When importing, select "Create new objects with random IDs"

This option seems unavailable in Kibana version 7.6.2. Any other way?

You could try manually changing the dashboard saved object id in the ndjson file.

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