Index pattern not created on saved objects import

Hello people,
I am trying to import an already created dashboard into a space. I am using the visual import method for this. I want to import same dashboard in the same space multiple times. That is why I need to change the saved object IDs manually. Following are the steps I am following.

  1. Export dashboard in .ndjson format from one space.
  2. Make ID and index pattern name changes in the .ndjson file.
  3. Import it to the new space.

Import although is successful, when I move to dashboard section, Kibana asks me to Create index pattern. In the saved objects section, I can see that the index pattern is already present along with dashboard and fellow visualizations. In index patterns' section, I can see that the import index pattern is not set as default.
Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Kibana Version : 7.6.2

Hey @atharvak,

Are you able to share a copy of the .ndjson file before you make your changes, and after you make your changes? It's hard to tell what might be wrong without seeing the file in those two states.

One other thought: Kibana might not realize that your index pattern exists immediately after importing. Depending on which version you're running, you might need to do a full browser refresh before the Dashboard app will recognize that an index pattern actually exists.

Hi @Larry_Gregory, thanks for the quick reply.
My Kibana version is 7.6.2. As you mentioned, the dashboard app does recognize the index pattern. But to be able to see the dashboard, I have to manually create at least one index pattern. Please find the dashboard .ndjson below.

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