Backup Restore to different Host - no snapshots


I'm doing this on ES 5.0.2 on Ubuntu 16.04 in Azure

In order to do backups properly, I have a second machine with a 4TB area. I'm using a single repo with incremental snapshots. The connection is NFS.

To test the backups, I've set up a 3rd test machine and mounted the SAME backup partition and path. So, both ES hosts are looking at the same path and, in theory, files for the path.repo.

I have registered the same repo name on the test machine. I run a query and I can see the repo i just registered.

However, when I run this query: GET /_snapshot/NameOfMyBackup/_all I get an empty result.

I've looked through the docs and I don't see anything that prevents more that one host or cluster looking at the same repo. Have I missed something?

Any and all thoughts/tips/instructions are very welcome.

I have also now copied the backup repo onto the machine I'm trying to restore to, and I have the same problem. I register the repo, and when I query it, no snapshots show up.

So, what does it take to get someone to reply and help on posts here? I'm willing to dance, tho you all may want to pay me not to...

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