Snapshot multiple clusters to same repository

ES: 6.1.1
NEST: 6.1.0
OS: Windows 10.0.14393 Build 14393
Plugin: repository-azure-6.1.1

We have two clusters in production which are used for different purposes. In our lower dev lanes, we have all the indexes on one single node cluster. To verify our backup procedures, we snapshot this data regularly. In production however, since the clusters are separate, we've actually only been backing up one. I'd like to add the other cluster and use the same repository and container but I can't find any documentation that would indicate whether this is allowed or not. Both clusters have the exact same software (in fact, they even share the computing space) so I don't expect any incompatibilities but I don't know if it's legal to register the same repository with different clusters.

For example,

PUT _snapshot/es-2018-06?pretty=true
  "settings": {
    "container": "elasticsearch-backups",
    "base_path": "es-2018-06",
    "compress": true,
    "chunk_size": "64mb"
  "type": "azure"

followed by, say,

PUT _snapshot/es-2018-06/snapshot-2018-06-26?pretty=true&wait_for_completion=false
  "include_global_state": true

on both clusters? Might the restore become confused or are each of the index backups completely self contained in storage and it doesn't matter where they came from? That is, given all the software is the same, could I safely backup any number of clusters to the same azure container w/o any problem?

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