Multiple Snapshot Repositories show same snapshots. They seem to be interlinked

(Abhishek Vaid) #1

I have a cluster and I registered multiple repos in it with same type (azure). Let's say repos are

  • repo_1
  • repo_2
  • repo_3

The reason I created three different repos is because I have three different types of indices and I want to take their snapshots in different repos.

All these repos have same type (azure) and in elasticsearch.yml three settings point to a blob on Azure.

The problem that I'm facing is that when I put a snapshot in any one of these repos, it shows up in all repos. For instance if I create a snapshot of some indices in repo2 and then I do a GET on repo1, the snapshots I created in repo2 shows in the output. Somehow all repos return all snapshots created in any of them.

I'm unable to understand why this is happening. Is it a bug? or is it like this by design? If it is later, then can I register multiple blobs on Azure and link multiple repos pointing to each corresponding blob.

(David Pilato) #2

For the record, I'm linking here to the Github issue you opened:

(Abhishek Vaid) #3

Did you find anything. I've uploaded a gist there.

I need the solution a bit urgently on this one.

(David Pilato) #4

Sorry but I don't have the bandwidth for now to look st it.

(Abhishek Vaid) #5

Can you just dedicate 5 minutes. I'm stuck on this for a while. My work is stalled because of this.

(Abhishek Vaid) #6

Sir, Did you find anything. Can you just tell me the right procedure to register a repo with a container. should I be giving full URI or just the name of the container.

(David Pilato) #7

Just the name

(Abhishek Vaid) #8

Thank you. Another question is that, in your knowledge is it even achievable? that is can we have have multiple repos with same storage account but different containers.

(David Pilato) #9

Yes. This should work IMO.

(system) #10