Multiple Snapshot Repositories show same snapshots. They seem to be interlinked

I have a cluster and I registered multiple repos in it with same type (azure). Let's say repos are

  • repo_1
  • repo_2
  • repo_3

The reason I created three different repos is because I have three different types of indices and I want to take their snapshots in different repos.

All these repos have same type (azure) and in elasticsearch.yml three settings point to a blob on Azure.

The problem that I'm facing is that when I put a snapshot in any one of these repos, it shows up in all repos. For instance if I create a snapshot of some indices in repo2 and then I do a GET on repo1, the snapshots I created in repo2 shows in the output. Somehow all repos return all snapshots created in any of them.

I'm unable to understand why this is happening. Is it a bug? or is it like this by design? If it is later, then can I register multiple blobs on Azure and link multiple repos pointing to each corresponding blob.

For the record, I'm linking here to the Github issue you opened:

Did you find anything. I've uploaded a gist there.

I need the solution a bit urgently on this one.

Sorry but I don't have the bandwidth for now to look st it.

Can you just dedicate 5 minutes. I'm stuck on this for a while. My work is stalled because of this.

Sir, Did you find anything. Can you just tell me the right procedure to register a repo with a container. should I be giving full URI or just the name of the container.

Just the name

Thank you. Another question is that, in your knowledge is it even achievable? that is can we have have multiple repos with same storage account but different containers.

Yes. This should work IMO.