Multiple snapshot in multiple containers

Hi all ,
We know currently ElasticSearch doesn't allow taking multiple snapshot at same time for the some container it is configured with.
Let's say i have 2-3 index , i configure unique new repository for each of my index and all my repository points to different azure container . Will this ensure that there is no down time(no snapshot failure) while taking snapshots and elasticsearch lets us create multiple snapshot at a time , or will this configuration also not work ?

This isn't true, you can take concurrent snapshots in the latest 7.x and 8.x versions.

Thanks for responding David ,
So , can registering different blob containers for each repository give any performance edge ? Because taking multiple snapshots at a time for for multiple index each having different repository (upto 20 gb new data per index every day ) takes a lot of time if configured for single container

I don't understand what you mean by this. There is a concept called a BlobContainer in Elasticsearch but you don't have any control over how many of them there are.

More generally I don't think there's any performance advantage to multiple repositories. You can usually max out your disk/network bandwidth with a single repository.

I meant to say if i have specific blob container for specific repository ( each repository have their own blob containers ) then at the time of multiple snapshot at single point of time would there be any performance improvement in terms of time it takes to complete those snapshots , as writing to single container might max out my network bandwidth with one repository itself , so what about other repositories which would want to take snapshot at same point of time .
Does ES distributes bandwidth equally to each snapshot at the time of concurrent snapshotting ?
Like how does it optimize the process of taking concurrent snapshots

It depends on the details of your infrastructure, but I would expect no performance benefit to multiple repositories in most setups.

Okay , thanks

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