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I am doing a monthly backups of indices (backing up everything older than a month to a backup repository) and then deleting those indices from Elasticsearch using Curator snapshot and delete indices actions.

My question is whether there is a way to execute deleting indices action only if snapshot action has completed successfully? I wouldn't want to delete indices from Elasticsearch if snapshot of those has failed. This is running on Windows environment.

Thank you!

Not yet, but it would be an interesting feature to add as a filter: index exists in named or most recent snapshot, with status SUCCESS.

Would you mind adding that as a feature request at ?

Based on what I'm reading here you can have curator backup your indexes in step1 (set continue_if_execption: False) and delete your indexes in step2.

I think Curator will raise an exception on a failed snapshot (in step 1) and not execute step 2 (delete).

@theuntergeek you announced this fix here. Am I interpreting it correctly?

Yes, if using Curator 5.5.3 or later.

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Awesome, thank you!

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