Backward compatibility from ES 5.6.4 to 5.6.3 for snapshots

We have snapshots that were done on an ES cluster running 5.6.4 that we would like to restore in a 5.6.3 cluster. Is this supposed to work? If so, how? We have tried several times without success. Thanks in advance.

It might work although not really supported as Lucene as not been updated in the meantime.
Would be better though to upgrade your 5.6.3 cluster.

What are the error messages?

Thanks for your response! This is the error message that we received:

TransportError: TransportError(500, u'snapshot_restore_exception', u'[snapshot name] the snapshot was created with Elasticsearch version [5.6.4] which is higher than the version of this node [5.6.3]')

So it looks like there is not backward compatibility here.


So that's very obvious that you can't do that anymore.

So, now an additional question. Lets say that we upgrade to ES 5.6.4. Will we be able to restore snapshots from ES 5.6.3 in the upgraded ES?


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