Repository migration

Hello! I have the follow issue. I deleted repo from ES 2.4. Then I added repo to ES 5.6 but ES 5.6 doesn't see any snapshots which were at repo of ES 2.4. Then I tried to change ES 2.4 to readonly repo but now I don't look snapshots at the both clusters :frowning: What should I do to recover ES 2.4 snapshots at ES 5.6 cluster? Thank you.

Let's focus on finding the snapshots in your 2.4 cluster first, and worry about the upgrade later.

Are you seeing exceptions (in the logs) or errors in response to any API calls? If so can you share them: full stack traces, and the calls you're trying to make together with the responses?

Apologies for asking you to check for silly things but:

  • is the path to the repository definitely correct? Can you prove this by sharing the output of GET /_snapshot/_all and a corresponding ls -l $FULL_PATH_TO_REPO to get another pair of eyes on the config?
  • is the data still in the repo? It should be taking up a bunch of disk space and have at least an index file and an indices directory at the top level.
  • if the repository is in a separate filesystem, is the filesystem mounted, and was it mounted when Elasticsearch started?

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