Snapshot 5.6

Hello Experts,

I have created S3 repository and taken snapshot for some indexes from ES 2.4 cluster. Now i have register same repository in ES 5.6 cluster and want restore all snapshot in the cluster but

http://es5.6ip:9200/_snapshot/repo/_all - showing only one snapshot(1st snapshot) not all snapshot

http://es2.4ip:9200/_snapshot/repo/_all showing all snapshot.

any idea, why its not showing all the snapshot in Elasticsearch 5.6, any workaround.


My guess would be that you have added it to 5.6 after you made the first snapshot in 2.4. When you added it to 5.6, elasticsearch upgraded the repository format to 5.6 making all follow-up 2.4 snapshots invisible. You shouldn't continue making 2.4 snapshot into a repository that was upgraded to 5.x.

Many thanks for response. I think your guess is correct.

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