Bar chart filter problem

I created both bar chart and pie chart visualizations on dashboard, I noticed the bar chart behaves differently to pie chart, when I click on a bar, the filter appears on the top but it needs to be manually clicked to apply while the pie chart apply automatically when a pie is clicked, is there way to make the bar chart filter applies automatically like the pie chart does? And I also noticed there are two identical filters appear when I click a bar, not sure if it is a bug or related to problem above. Thanks!


Can you please post a screenshot of the second scenario?
@markov00 do you have any inputs on the first scenario?


Hello @whisere, can you please specify which version if Kibana you are using? there can be some differences between version and I want to be sure. On current master version I can't reproduce that issue, usually, when clicking on a pie chart slice or on a bar will act the same way, they add a filter on the query bar and will send a request for new data.

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