Bar charts as percentage no longer clickable in Kibana 7.12.1

Hi All,
I have just update Elasticsearch and Kibana from 7.11 to 7.12.1 and I noticed that any bar chart I have that is displaying percentage is no longer clickable. If I change the bar chart from percentage to normal, then I can click on the bar chart to apply filters, once I set it back to percentage, clicking on the bar chart does not do anything. I have a large dashboard with lots of bars and percentages.

Any one encountered this issue?
Any help please?
Thank you.

@alrubaa thanx for reporting it. It seems that you have encountered a bug. I created an issue to our repo [XY axis] Filters not work for charts with percentage mode · Issue #99906 · elastic/kibana · GitHub and we will try to solve it asap.

For now, you can go to your Advanced Settings and turn on the following switch:

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