Percent Mode in Line graph is not displaying correctly for 2 lines by filter split

I am trying to display to lines in graph each with filter condition, when i change y-axis mode to percent values are presented as in SS one of the lines is on 100% value all along where data is not. Any clue or something in the chart setup I am missing.
Using Kibana 7.7.1

That's the expected behavior for percentage mode - it means "All series together add up to 100%". In case of a line chart, this will cause the top series to stay at 100%. It's not a recommended configuration.

What do you expect to see? Maybe there's another way to achieve it.

I want to display each line with its percent value. at the same x-point I have 2 y-points like (30% - 70%) their sum to be 100 but they to display like mirroring to each other. Hope this clarify the output needed, if there is any other alternative I can achieve this, it would be great. Thanks in Advance.

I see, this makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, this is currently not possible in Kibana, I created a feature request here: [Lens] Allow unstacked line percentage chart · Issue #95142 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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