Line Chart not displaying correctly when using Percentage in normal mode

I am trying to use a line chart as a data histogram by month on a terms aggregation of two terms: "Yes" and "No" in percentage mode on the Y axis.

When the line chart is stacked everything looks as expected but when it is set to normal it looks the same as it does stacked with no change..

Is this a bug? This also happens with an Area Chart as well, but Bar Chart works correctly in normal and stacked. I have attached some screenshots to show what I mean.

i am currently on version 6.5.0

Bar chart looks as expected in normal mode with percentage mode:

Bar chart looks as expected in stacked mode with percentage mode:

Line chart looks the same as stacked (shown below) even though mode is set to normal, this is NOT correct:

Line Chart stacked looks as expected in stacked mode with percentage mode:

This is how the line chart should look but in percentage mode instead of count:

Sounds like a bug... would you mind submitting a bug report in

already submitted:

Thanks Matt!

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