Normal line with Percentage


I don't know why I have the same graphic with normal line and stacked line when I use percentage.

With normal line :

With stacked line :

Why it doesn't work like bar :

Hi Pierre,

It's a good question, but to understand it, I think of it this way:

A percentage based line chart will always show up in stacked mode, because the percentage that each response code exists for that slice of time is showing up for every slice of time, in order to form a continuous line. Think about what each value is: it's a percentage of the whole, which by nature is a stackable concept. Whether you stack it or view that percentage raw, it looks the same.

Compare your normal/stacked line charts in percentage mode vs normal mode as the y-axis setting. When viewing the raw counts stacked upon each other, it looks very different from viewing the raw counts in normal mode.

What are you looking to show in your chart?

Archana (a5a)

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