Bar horizontal percentage chart from boolean

I am retrieving a boolean field from my logs. Now i want to show this field as horizontal bar in percent with two colors green for true and red for false. It would be great if there was one bar showing the percentage of each accumulating to a bar of 100%.
At best green shows from the left to the rigt and red from the right to the left hitting in the middle.
Is this even possible?

I kinda tried a few hours with the Bar horizontal percentage chart but was not able to achieve what i was looking for.
Kinda feel this is just one or two settings to make this work.

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Hi @fbaer

welcome to the Kibana community.

Is this is the kind of visualization you're looking for?

I've made a breakdown Filters with Cancelled: true and Cancelled: false in a horizontal stacked percentage visualization. Here's the configuration:

Thank you for the fast reply. :grinning:

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