Blank Vertical Bar Percentage Chart


I'm trying to create an uptime percentage chart from the Heartbeat Beat data but I get a blank chart when the Bar mode is set to percentage. I'm suspecting it does this because there's no false value for the up field that I've picked for splitting the bars.

If I simply select Stacked as the mode, I can see I have data:

Is this a bug or how can I work around this issue?

Thank you!

This might be a bug, possibly this one:

Could you try something as a test? When using the percentage mode, can you set the y-axis extents manually to min = 0 and max = 100 and see if it changes anything?

Hi Shaunak!

When I change the Y extents value to 0 and 100, I can now see the bars but that introduces another problem. The bars that have value show as OK but bars are also showing for intervals that don't have any values. Here's an example.

Here you can see there's data for that interval so that would be ok:

For that particular check, if I hover on a graph bar that doesn't have any data, the tooltip doesn't show (which makes sense as there's no data that was captured) but the bar still shows as a 100% for some reasons:


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