How to ignore empty values on Bar Chart (displaying percentage)


Is there a way to ignore empty values, such that Kibana don't display the Bars (highlighted) for empty values in the screen shot below?

Actually, if on the left I select 'normal' instead of 'percentage', it gives me the desired result i.e plotting only a single bar where some of the values are 'Y', while ignoring the empty values altogether. However as I select 'percentage' it shows me bars for values that dont exists (I think it just divides the bar evenly among all expected fields).

I will appreciate any help in addressing this issue


You can change the min_doc_count of the field to greater than zero: in JSON input under advanced in visualization editor.

That should make sure that Kibana will ignore the empty values.


Should I put the following similar JSON script in Advances Json input? Actually I tried and it dosent show any difference, would you also share an example Json ?

    "aggs" : {
        "tags" : {
            "terms" : {
                "field" : "tags",
                "min_doc_count": 10


Here you go: I ingested logs data from load data into Kibana tutorial(, created an area chart on count on y-axis and terms on x-axis and gave this value in advanced json: {"min_doc_count":1437}. This basically made the area chart ignore document documents with machine.os as osx.

Without the min_doc_count:

Hope this helps.


Thanks, but I am getting following error, is it supported for 'Filters' ? I am using Filters, where each field has to be considered if its value is 'Y':

Visualize: [parsing_exception] Unknown key for a VALUE_NUMBER in [3]: [min_doc_count]., with { line=1 & col=1437 }

 Less Info
Error: [parsing_exception] Unknown key for a VALUE_NUMBER in [3]: [min_doc_count]., with { line=1 & col=1437 }
    at respond (
    at checkRespForFailure (
    at processQueue (
    at Scope.$digest (
    at Scope.$apply (
    at done (
    at completeRequest (
    at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onload (

ah I don't think so. I am tagging our viz team to see if they have an answer.



min_doc_count does not exist on the Filters aggregation and thus cannot be used in this place. I think you are running an older version of Kibana? The wrong behavior of 0 in percentage charts has been fixed via for 6.3.0. Upgrading to 6.3 (or better 6.4) will solve that issue.


Thanks for the clarification, it make sense now.

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