How to aggregate a unique count in Kibana if the count is under a threshold

I'm a new user to Kibana and I'm putting together a demo to get it purchased and I have a requirement for sensitive data: "Do not show the exact count if it is below 10".

For example: I have a bar chart that shows the unique counts of IDs by some term.

Is there a way to only show "<10" if the count ever goes below 10.
So if a user is clicking on other visualizations and it would bring one of these values to less than ten, instead of showing the actual count show "<10"

I still want to keep the real value so all the other visualizations stay dynamic.

Is it possible to do this through the advanced JSON input field? Or maybe there is a way I'm missing.
Any help would be appreciated!

You could set the minimum y-axis value to 10 in the "Metrics & Axes" tab of the vis editor. This would hide the detailed information visually, but keep in mind users could still look at the actual elasticsearch response in the spy tab or their browser's network tools.

If you're doing a terms agg, you could also set the minimum document count in the advanced json input. However, this would actually remove any buckets that have less than 10 documents, so you don't see them in the visualization at all.

Thank you for your reply. I like the sound of your second solution. I think that should work for us.

There is a better solution I found if anyone else is looking for something like this.

The datasweet function plugin works like a charm. It has exactly what I needed.

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