Anonymization - Do not display a bar in a chart if occurence / count below 10


I wish to create some anonymized dashboard. This requires to have a minimum amount of occurence/count per category / bar in a chart.

In this case, if the count is below 10, then we would have two options :
1 - this particular bar should not be displayed
2 - this category would be displayed but with a mention like "10 or less" (most preferred option)
3 - the whole graphic should not be displayed (less preferred option)

I am currently using Kibana 7.6.0 but I could move up to a higher version if needed. !

For example, on this visualization, the 3 last bars have 8 or less counts, so I wish to remove them from the visualization.

Could anyone please help me with this ?

Thank you !

As far as I can see this it not natively available in Kibana at this stage. There's a feature request for it here

Hello everyone,

Thank you Warkolm.

A very kind Kibana expert gave me this suggestion and as far as I can see, it works to filter the bars which have less than 10 counts :

{"min_doc_count":10} in the JSON input field of the Bucket > Advanced section

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Thanks heaps for adding that to the topic!

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