Filter on metric of visualization using Kibana 6.7

Hi fiends,

It is possible to add a condition on the visualization metric, that is, only the bars whose value is greater than 1?
As shown in the image the 'count' is used as the metric and for the X axis a grouping column. Really a very simple graph but to date I have not found a solution to remove the bars whose value is less than or equal to one. Your help please.

Hi @dooger21,

I can't think of a way to do this without bucket selector aggregations, since essentially you want to exclude certain buckets based on their aggregated counts.

Unfortunately, these are not yet supported in Kibana, although you can follow along with the relevant Github issues here and here to be notified of any updates.

And for future reference, there's also this issue which tracks ES aggregations support across Kibana.

Hope this helps a bit -



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