Condition Filter on Graph to show only value > 20

(CP_EL) #1

I was trying to generate graph but having some data points as 0 or very low. So as shown in graph I want to apply filter for value > 20. So I will get those points only on X axis which has values >20.
Is there any way on Kibana we can apply condition filter?

(Spencer Alger) #2

When using a histogram the x-axis will always use a standard number line; the distance between 1 and 100 will always be the same as the distance between 1000 and 1100. Perhaps you want to try using the terms aggregation instead?

(CP_EL) #3

I'm don't want to do any aggregation here separately. Basically I just want to see the bar charts which has count >20. If it's <20 then I don't want to see that on chart. So, basically here I want 10 records which has count >20 for bar chart. This type of filter I'm taking about.

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