Keeping X-Axis Static

While showing a viz, let's say a vertical graph. If I filter on a particular value by clicking the bar, it shows only that particular bar with respective counts.

Is there a way to show other values even though i click on that bar, the count would obviously be zero. But is there a way to show other values also in that graph?

Kindly help :slight_smile:

You can't do this with the regular "terms" aggregation for example because the x axis categories are dynamically determined during data fetching.

However if you use the "filters" aggregation instead but have to specify the buckets you want to see, but they will stay even if there is no data for them currently.

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In case you are using a chart with a histogram instead of a term you can fix the extents of the X and Y axis. The video below shows Kibana Flights demo data, and doing a histogram using the DistanceKilometers field:

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Thank you so much @flash1293 :star_struck:. What I exactly wanted!!

Thank you so much @jsanz!! :star_struck: Really helped!!

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