Pie chart: display filtered value only if threshold is reached


I would like to have filtered values in a pie chart that are only displayed when a minimum counter is reached. Something like

display only if
something always bad: minimumcount=1
something normally bad: minimumcount=10
something sometimes bad: minimumcount=100

Is there a way to do this?

I've found this option only for "terms" respectivly non filtered values by "min_doc_count". But this seems not to work for filtered values

I'm using kibana to monitor email traffic to detect spam, hacked accounts etc. There are recurring patterns I'm collecting as filters in pie charts. I'm (mis)using them as alarm buttons, that get filled, when a specific value is detected. This works quite well. The only problem is, that there are some criteria that are always useful with just a single hit while there are others that are kind of white noise in daily business and only interesting if they come in masses.

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