Trying to filter Pie chart with minimum unique count of docs


I am trying to filter the kibana visualization here, and I want the chart to display only when the number of processes are more than two. My theory is that every process should have a unique hash, so if any hash has two different processes, then only it should display. The inside pie is the hash and the outer one is the process. I tried using min_doc_count:2, but the the issue is it display when there are more than 2 doc count, whereas what I want is it to display where there is more than 2 unique count of docs. Help appreciated :smiley:

(Bhavya R M) #2

Am tagging our viz team here: @ppisljar :slight_smile:

#3 would be a lot of help

(Peter Pisljar) #4

this is unfortunately not possible at the moment, as kibana does not yet support bucket selector pipeline aggregation.

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