Basic License unable to enable xpack

Hi, i perform yum install in my centos 7 elk. When i configure security i hitting the error below. I am using basic license. Is basic license not allowed for xpack security as i want allow user to login rather than having no user to login

Unexpected response code [500] from calling GET
It doesn't look like the X-Pack security feature is enabled on this Elasticsearch node.
Please check if you have enabled X-Pack security in your elasticsearch.yml configuration file.
ERROR: X-Pack Security is disabled by configuration.

Is '' set to true in your elasticsearch.yml?

See docs:

hi yes. it already enabled. i got restart centos 7 as well my elasticsearch

Can you post your elasticsearch.yml contents here?

Also, since I'm assuming you did a normal non-Docker install, you may want to check the file permissions in your config directory and make sure all files are owned by the "elasticsearch" user.

AKA: chown -R elasticsearch:elasticsearch <your config directory>

thanks it works now

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