Need help configuring xpack with elasticsearch on own deploy to GKE

Need to know where and how to add true in GKE K8s manifest/yml
I know that by default when I deploy elasticsearch, xpack isn't enabled but is install so I could authenticate a user without the need of using kibana.

I also can not configure xpack security on ubuntu 18.04 using a docker image that I have pull. I followed the tutorial and get this

Unexpected response code [403] from calling GET
It doesn't look like the X-Pack security feature is available on this Elasticsearch node.
Please check if you have installed a license that allows access to X-Pack Security feature.

ERROR: X-Pack Security is not available.

You need to have a commercial license or activate a trial.

Thanks for the reply, I guess I haven't found the docs in ref. to ES licenses that describe the full
configuration of each licenses. I have a few question about that one, will it be possible to have trail and revert back to basic without affecting the ES secure endpoint or indexing to ES?
Second, will basic be efficient enough to run in production for DB query only?

It's possible to trial then revert.

without affecting the ES secure endpoint

Security is only in gold/plat level. Not in basic.

Yes. There's no difference, efficiency wise, between the pure OSS version, the Basic one or with a commercial license.

Thank you for speedy response

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