Not able to configure security on ElasticSearch 5.4.0

Hi All,

I have upgraded ElasticSearch from 5.0.1 to 5.4.0 version. Earlier I disabled security feature via setting below property in both elasticsearch.yml and kibana.yml:- false

Now I have commented above property to explore security feature of ElasticSearch but still ElasticSearch and Kibana are accessible without any username/password.

I have applied basic license on this cluster for 1 year.

Please let me know how can I enable basic username/password authentication on ES & Kibana?

Basic license does not include X-Pack security. In order to evaluate it you will need to install a trial license.

Oops!! I was expecting that native authentication of security plugin can be used without any cost. I would have to check costing of Gold license then.

Thanks for quick response Christian.

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