Basic question about: Elasticsearch.hosts and discovery.seed.hosts


I have 2 basic questions about Elastic stack.
in the elasticsearch.yml file in the field discovery.seed.hosts should I write the IP address of all the nodes [master, data ...], or just master nodes ? (in my case I have 3 master nodes and 2 data nodes)

The second question is: the same question in Kibana.yml in the field elasticsearch.hosts
and also if I use elasticsearch.hosts, should I add the coordinator only node, or now Kibana do the Load-balancing itself and doesn't need a coordinator node ?

Thanks for your answers

Just the master-eligible nodes. From the docs:

This setting provides a list of other nodes in the cluster that are master-eligible and likely to be live and contactable to seed the discovery process.

Yes, if you have one. You can add multiple nodes here and Kibana will balance requests across them, but if you have coordinator-only nodes then typically those are the only ones to which you should send requests.


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