Basic vs Open Source

Can someone tell me what the difference between Basic vs Open Source licenses are, or is there a link describing the difference?

You can see the breakdown here -

The main difference is that the UI in the Basic license, which is free mind you, is likely going to be more valuable. Note, there's quite a lot of things in a Basic license beyond APM, we'd highly recommend using it :slight_smile:

@warkolm I see the differences in features, but they both point to the same download. I guess my question is how do I determine if I'm running basic vs open source, what flips the subscription from one to the other? Is there a cost when I use basic? Are there certain license stipulations regarding basic?

The default distribution includes the Basic features, that can be upgraded.

If you want only the open source, then you will need to grab an -oss labelled package.

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Basic is completely free to use!

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