Beat agents installation on multiple servers / hosts

I have installed beat agents on single machine and I want to get them installed (winlogbeat, metricbeat and filebeat) on 5 more machines in my environment. I don't want to login to each and every machine and install them. I want to run a powershell script or single step installation method to acheive this.
Has anyone ran into these issues? or accomplished it? Please help me out! thanks

If you have Active Directory, you can use Group Policy to install MSI package with beats, but the difficult is to prepare such MSI package. For creating MSI package i`ve used SharpDevelop IDE with WiX for building installers.

If you want to use batch scripts, u can use it like this:

  1. variant - Run script on targer machine
Code and comments

mkdir "C:\ProgramData\beats\Winlogbeat" - create folder, where u want to copy beat

copy "\path_to_shared_folder_with_all_nessesary_files\Winlogbeat*.*" "C:\ProgramData\beats\Winlogbeat" /y - copy files from network shared folder to target folder

sc create Winlogbeat binPath= ""C:\ProgramData\beats\winlogbeat\winlogbeat.exe" -c "C:\ProgramData\beats\winlogbeat\winlogbeat.yml" -path.home "C:\ProgramData\beats\winlogbeat" "C:\ProgramData\winlogbeat"" DisplayName= "Winlogbeat" type= own start= auto - this create winservice and set path to config and other params

sc start winlogbeat - start service

For other beats it will be the same.

  1. Variant - create service on a target machine from remote PC.
    If your account sets as a local administrator on all machines, you need 2 things:
  1. copy in some way files to target pc (use admin resources \pc_name\c$\C:\ProgramData\beats\winlogbeat or other way)
  2. run cmd and use SC to create service:
    sc \pc_name create Winlogbeat binPath= ""C:\ProgramData\beats\winlogbeat\winlogbeat.exe" -c "C:\ProgramData\beats\winlogbeat\winlogbeat.yml" -path.home "C:\ProgramData\beats\winlogbeat" "C:\ProgramData\winlogbeat"" DisplayName= "Winlogbeat" type= own start= auto
    and start service
    sc \pc_name start winlogbeat

before we stopped using smb1, we had script with menues for install, uninstall service, update config, check if installed and other.

if you need some details - ask me, i`ll try to help u

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