MSI / EXE installer for beat agents

Is it planned to offer an official MSI / Exe installer for the beat agents?

The current ZIP package contains only 2 PowerShell scripts, which only cover the basics. Anyone using Beat Agents on Windows will usually need to work with additional scripts or their own installers to install, uninstall and update the agents properly.
e.g. the installed agent is not listed under Program and Features as it is the case with normal software with installer. This means that deployment tools must either use the file version of the beatagent exe file or checksum to find out which version of the agent is installed.
As a result, Windows agents are often not updated regularly, which may be critical due to bugs or security holes.
Under Linux there are also complete packages, so that an update can also be deployed with the respective package manager without any problems and without losing the configuration.

We have therefore created our own WinRAR installer for the agents, so that we can install, uninstall and update the software via a deployment tool (in our case Staltstack). This complements the existing PowerShell scripts, but it's only a workaround that affects many other users / customers as well.


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