Upgrade filebeat,metricbeat and winlogbeat from 5.5.1 version to 6.2.3 version in windows servers

I am trying to upgrade my beats agents from 5.5.1 version to 6.2.3.

What I am doing is : 1> stop agent 2> run uninstall script 3> copy the new version beats (filebeat, metricbeat, winlogbeat) folder to c:/Program Files 4> run install script 5> start agents

But is there a way to upgrade without running the uninstall script? Or what I am doing, is the right way?


Running the uninstall script is recommend because if the parameters used to create the service in the install script changed you'll want them to be used.

So if you check the old install script against the new install script and there are not changes then you probably omit the uninstall/install scripts. This assumes that the directory you are running from does change (like if it had the version in it).

Thank you! I was wondering if there is any upgrade powershell command to do it without having to run the uninstall scripts.

No, there isn't. But hopefully we'll find time to build and release an MSI installer soon which would solve the issue.

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