Updating existing Beats deployment from to 7.16.3

I am trying to push out the "Beats" agents into a Windows environment (Servers & Client systems) I will be using SCCM to perform this deployment, and I have found the PowerShell script that Elastic has provided, I have converted that same PS script into an .exe file for easy of deployment. I can run the update manually, so I know the code works. The issue that I having at the moment, is around the "Deployment Type/Detection Method" since I am using the "auditbeat.exe" SCCM is determining that the clause exists and therefore the criteria is met and therefore it becomes a successful deployment.
I have attempted to make changes to check the file and product version, as well as adding a registry conditions to no avail.

Just curious to see how other folks within this community have gotten around these nuances, perhaps I could have it all wrong. I have search through the community and I can find others with the same query (regarding sccm) but really no answers have been provided.

Any assistance any of you can provide would be greatly appreaciated.

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