Beat meta info how to show ip?

Elastic-2.2 version

Every event sent to Logstash contains additional metadata for indexing and filtering:
"@metadata": {
"beat": "",
"type": ""

The beat-meta info :

"@timestamp" => "2016-02-25T01:29:40.264Z",
"beat" => {
"hostname" => "WQ-20151127AMRP",
"name" => "WQ-20151127AMRP"

hostname how to show ip?


That's currently not possible. Please check the existing issues at and create a new one if necessary.

There was a request for this in Logstash.

I think logstash-input-beats would be the best place for this metadata to be added to the event.

Yes, I agree. The beats input is a better place.

Thanks everybody.

I used this method

Added ip in tags set.

tags: ["topbeat", ""]

search value 192.168*