Beats 7.5.x

Heya all, new here.

Looking at the changelog on fir beats 7.5.0, more specifically the breaking change for umask for files.

Is there any way of giving the 'other' users read permissions? WIth umask beign set to 0027, others can never get read permissions to filebeat logs
logging.to_files: true
path: /var/log/filebeat
name: filebeat
keepfiles: 7
permissions: 0644

will result in 0640 on filebeat log files
any way of chaning the default umask? making changes to the service file with UMask=0000 or environment UMask=0000 doesnt work
debian stretch is the OS

Maybe the users that need to read the Filebeat logs could be part of the same group that the Filebeat log files get written as?

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