Beats Central Management Questions

Easy questions that I have not been able to determine the answer to yet.

  1. Does Beats Central Management support other beats besides FileBeat and MetricBeat because those are my only two options when I click Enroll Beats? Winlogbeat?
  2. Do other people successfully enroll the manual way, via filebeat enroll url --username....? I just get "Error creating a new enrollment token: error while parsing Kibana response: json: cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field BaseResponse.error of type api.ErrorResponse" everytime.
  3. Maybe somebody smarter than me can post how you've automated the deployment of a CM managed filebeat?
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First time answerer....

  1. No
  2. sounds like might need more info to answer, is this a windows or linux machine you are trying to enroll on?
  3. In digging into this myself I have found a project which is supposed to be called "fleet" wherein you will be able to deploy fleets of beats. I anxiously await its eminent launch.
    Hope this is somewhat helpful.

Late reply, but yeah BCM is being deprecated so maybe going into that now is not the best idea but I'll still answer your questions

1: No
2: never tried it
3: When I was researching BCM I wrote a small python/flask script that talked directly to the kibana API and had it generate tokens, so you could just do "curl myInternalUrl "and it returned "filebeat --enroll --token --something --something"