Beats dashboard 1.3 load errors

(Guido Van Brakel) #1

When I try to load the beats dashboards, I get lots of errors like this
./ -url
Loading dashboards to in .kibana
{"acknowledged":true,"shards_acknowledged":true,"index":".kibana"}{"error":"Cont ent-Type header [application/x-www-form-urlencoded] is not supported","status":4 06}Loading search Cache-transactions:
{"error":"Content-Type header [application/x-www-form-urlencoded] is not support ed","status":406}
Loading search DB-transactions:
{"error":"Content-Type header [application/x-www-form-urlencoded] is not support ed","status":406}

(Pier-Hugues Pellerin) #2

@Guido_van_Brakel What version of beats are you running? Are you running Beats 1.3 against an Elasticsearch 6.x cluster?

I would try to use beats 6.0 with Elasticsearch 6.0

(Guido Van Brakel) #3

Where can I download the beats 6.0 dashboards? Can't find it. Trying to import the dashboards

(Pier-Hugues Pellerin) #4

They now come bundled with each beat, with the right configuration in the yml file, Filebeat will install the template + the dashboard automatically. This is the same with the other beats.

(Guido Van Brakel) #5

Thanks, the filebeat index seems missing:
curl localhost:9200/_cat/indices
yellow open metricbeat-6.2.4-2018.05.30 G-lfLb-AToKkvBaRmzWJUQ 1 1 59203 0 22.2mb 22.2mb
green open .kibana bSqzmsTdT0G4z48icZJv3g 1 0 268 52 463.4kb 463.4kb
yellow open metricbeat-6.2.4-2018.05.29 apU8CRV3QVunbAOGwrQIYw 1 1 48045 0 9.1mb 9.1mb

Any idea how to fix this?

(system) #6

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