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Hi, so i was installing elk on server following this website: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-elasticsearch-logstash-and-kibana-elk-stack-on-ubuntu-14-04#load-kibana-dashboards
so until here:
cd ~
curl -L -O https://download.elastic.co/beats/dashboards/beats-dashboards-1.1.0.zip
Install the unzip package with this command:

sudo apt-get -y install unzip
Next, extract the contents of the archive:

unzip beats-dashboards-*.zip
And load the sample dashboards, visualizations and Beats index patterns into Elasticsearch with these commands:

cd beats-dashboards-*

when i try ./load.sh
alot of
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came out, what can i do?

i googled and it says to add this line -H "Content-Type: application/json
? it seems irrelevant to my situation ?

the load.sh :--

i also read that : https://www.elastic.co/blog/strict-content-type-checking-for-elasticsearch-rest-requests
they did some changes so scripts need to be change..but can someone suggest how should i change it?

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We now include the dashboards directly with each beat and you can load it with the beat directly

It seems in the above you are using a community beat. If you want to load these dashboards with the script you must make sure to adjust the curl command to also include the json header.

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