Beats for legacy OS

Looking for a way to have beats essentially metricbeat, filebeat to work on older operating systems SLES 9, 10 etc to monitor the servers which are hosting legacy applications. I am getting "panic" errors like below for SLES 9, 32 bit.

metricbeat-6.2.2 - panic: open /dev/urandom: function not implemented


metricbeat-7.8.0 - fatal error: unexpected signal during runtime execution
futexwakeup addr=0xe65ae0c returned -38
futexwakeup addr=0xe66f2e0 returned -38
fatal error: unexpected signal during runtime execution
futexwakeup addr=0xe864c0c returned -38
fatal error: unexpected signal during runtime execution
[signal SIGSEGV: segmentation violation code=0x1 addr=0x1006 pc=0x97842a2]

I understand that the versions of SLES I am using are not compatible but is there any way I can get server metrics using metricbeat? Any work around that will help?

Hi Kunal,

I'm afraid you are right.
For such old SLES variants I'm afraid there is no support any more.
I mean metricbeat 5.0 came out October 2016

And at that time SLES 10 support already ended, so SLES9 and SLES10 are old and old, so I'm afraid there is not much we can do.

I didn't even find maybe a vagrantbox for a short reproduction lab, so there is not much we can do.

What support is valid for the most recent versions can always be seen on our support matrix:

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Hi Andre, thank you for the reply. Anything you can think of that I can try out to get it working (apart from OS upgrade :slight_smile: ). I understand what you have mentioned but as I am still trying to solve the problem that I have, any suggestions are welcome.

I don't think so Kunal, because metricbeat relies on certain kernel parameters obviously these older SLES versions don't have.
And unfortunately like I already mentioned there is no available vagrant machine that I could even test.
If you can provide a vagrant machine I am happy to do a deeper root cause for reproduction.
But the actual assumption is that I will be able to get a description for you of the why it is not working, but not that you will get a working variant of this, at least as far as I can see for now.

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