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Hi Andrew,
first of all, thanks for Beats platform :smile:

I would like to let you now that I have created a new beat - ApacheBeat.
It is heavily inspired by nginxbeat, and of course by TopBeat.
My beat should replace one script in our environment based on ES. We monitor also apache httpd performance and I found ES as extremely useful platform to combine logs and performance of apache and OS itself (having it on one single platform - ES). I hopefully can create another beat later. :smile:

Last weekend, I decided to put myself in a little challenge. I have never done anything in GOlang and decided to write/learn/develop ApachBeat plug for beats platform. As I have never before developed GO and beats, I took nginxbeat as a template and tried to learn how it works. After a couple of hours spent from setting up text editor to installing GO and be able to run code ... I was able to index in ES content from apache httpd server-satus page.

Current status is still only DEV version. It works, but I need to polish and fix a few issues. I also plan to prepare a few templates for Kibana and write documentation with examples.

I mainly take this as a challenge for myself to learn new things, make something useful for me and hopefully for some more people.

Last, but not least, here is the link to repository:

Well, if you find this beat useful and if you think it's not the worst code you have ever seen, then you might decide to put it on this list.

If you have any question or suggestion (I would definitely love it) just let me know.

Thanks and have a nice weekend.

@radoo We are happy to hear that you managed to build the apachebeat. We have now the community beats as part of our official documentation which can be found here:

This is based on the following document: So feel free to directly open a PR with a link to your beat.

In case you have any questions related to libbeat or something beats related, let us know.