Beats Module IPMI/iLO

Dear all,

I'm looking for a new solution for our monitoring platform. We are deploying a new ELK Stack cluster dedicated for this and one of our options for monitoring the physical stats on our devices we considered that using our iLO interfaces (we have them on most of our devices) or IPMI would be a good solution since this wouldn't require the need to install an agent in every device of the Datacenter.

Due to this requirement, I started to search of such a module or a Logstash plugin and unfortunately I haven't been lucky :slight_smile: I wanted to share this with the community and check if there is any solution out there before venturing in development :smile:

Thank you in advance for the feedback.

That sounds like an interesting idea, I'm not aware of any module / input that can do that.

If you plan to have a central point that collects data from multiple devices, then a Logstash input/module would probably make sense.

It's a pretty cool ideas, I have a few server running at home supporting IPMI.

If you need help feel free to ping us.

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